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All the wellbeings and benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective and recognized methods for the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. It can be practiced in a jacuzzi tub. Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy and the care that is provided in the establishments.

What is hydrotherapy ?

Hydrotherapy (or hydrology) is simply the use of water in all its forms (liquid, steam, hot, cold ...) for hygienic-therapeutic purposes. It's a simple, affordable and effective way to get the body to respond and improve health.

Effects of hydrotherapy on the body

Hot water has an immediate relaxing effect on your body, it dilates the blood vessels, increases the flow of blood to the skin and muscles and thus reduces tension, pain related to contractions.It also improves the circulation and the oxygenation of the blood while quickly giving a feeling of weightlessness, global relaxation. After a few minutes in your Spa, you have the feeling that your body is lighter in the water.

Mechanical effect of water jets on the body

The Jacuzzi offers a variety of functions whose objective is to provide targeted relief by muscle group or area of ​​tension. You can thus, while lying down, enjoy a soothing massage of your neck, the shoulders and the middle of the back. Other jets are dedicated more particularly to the tensions at the level of the lumbar ones. In the same way tired feet, which support the weight of our body all the day, are relieved by a specific, stimulating and direct massage.

Better sleep, be more productive

Hydrotherapy has proven itself in the use of the Jacuzzi, and it has been recognized for a long time: it helps to relax the body, lower the internal temperature of the body and help sleep better at night. A good night's sleep can leave you feeling more energetic and productive. For best results, immerse yourself in the Spa, two hours before going to bed.

So, hydrotherapy is a complete method that promotes healing and relieves many ailments. More generally, it is an excellent fortifier for the body, because the treatments that are available allow you to eliminate toxins, relax and tone you.

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