Spa material

You dont have to buy it, make it!

To install a jacuzzi and enjoy the pleasures of hydrotherapy at home, here is a step by step construction plan, to be reserved for professionnals of the do-it-yourself ! But you can also find a jacuzzi for sale !

To build a jacuzzi at home

The first step to installing a jacuzzi in the house is to choose the right place. Be careful, the floor must be solid and robust because the spa weighs several hundred kilos when filled: the weight and size of the pool are the first things to consider. You should check with an expert if necessary, that the soil can withstand the weight. The second step is to choose for your jacuzzi the place of installation of the technical room. It is necessary to have a water system entrance and to comply with electrical standards to ensure the proper functioning and safety of your spa.

To choose the right size to put the basin

Use a plumb line, trace out the contours of the hot tub and pipe circuit for water supply. You can then continue and, depending on the height of the jacuzzi, dig the foundations of the pool, fill it with sand and gravel to a depth of about 20 cm minimum (10 cm gravel covered with 10 cm sand).

To Build the technical block of the jacuzzi

Connect the block to the power supply of your home. It is probably best to slide all electrical cords into a plastic tube, you must protect it from shock and cold and with cushioning, before the tube is laid in the sand. Next, install the whirlpool in its place on its foundations. Plug in the water circuit, then fill the contours of the hot tub in the sand to fill the spaces between the edges of the pit and the pool. You can then continue by making watertightness of the basin of the jacuzzi: for that you must put mortar in the open spaces, then let it dry without touching it for several days; At least 7. All you have to do after is to decorate the jacuzzi

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