Spa material

The ideal hot tub for sale just for your needs

Nowadays, there are many who present themselves as a spa salesman. This wellness equipment that many families would like to install at home, to enjoy a moment of relaxation at will, without breaking the bank in spa centers. But before looking for a hot tub for sale, it is important to learn about all the elements you need to know about the spa, so that the spa can effectively meet your needs.

What size and what shape?

The size of your Jacuzzi is decided according to your needs. You will find models for two and up to 12 seats! A small model is enough if you live alone or in couple and if you receive only few people. However, for use with family or friends, the larger models will be more comfortable. Similarly, you will find on the market a large number of spa shapes (square, oval, round, etc.). It is now very easy to customize your pool, from the coating to the color, to make it a decorative element in itself.

What therapeutic care?

  • Therapeutic care options can be added to your spa to make it a true balneotherapy space.

  • Chromotherapy: colored LEDs bring you well-being, dynamism, energy and peace of mind.

  • Aromatherapy: it is possible to diffuse essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants to de-stress and relax you gently.

  • Music therapy: your Jacuzzi can play relaxing music to help you relax.

Which heating system?

Heating is essential because it contributes to your well-being within your spa. Ideally, it should be between 32 and 40 ° C and it should be able to heat the water projected by the nozzles and not only the water of the basin.

So, to choose your spa, it is necessary to establish your needs, your future use and your budget. Before you rush into your purchase, here are some criteria that can guide you in your research.

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