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Buil your own spa !

You can imagine yourself in a spa in the evening at sunset, drinking a cocktail... but your budget is limited. Building a spa is achieved in many ways, and you have to adapt the type of construction to your craft level of skill. What is proposed on this site is intended to be accessible to many handymen without special skills in masonry.
But also, this site aims to demonstrate that an individual can build a spa for a small fee.

  • First, you will have to define your project, to specify its outlines

What to Consider when building a spa? For the construction and proper installation of a spa at home, a lot of elements are to be considered. First, you need to look at the spa elements themselves. Here is a questionnaire that can help you. It's about :

-the type of installation: built-in spa or semi-recessed spa, portable spa, swim spa
-the form: corner spa, round, rectangular...
-its location: indoors or outdoors, its accessibility and the technical constraints related to the dwelling or outside
-its size: for 2 people, for 3 to 4 people or for 12 people
-the materials: wood, stone, concrete, synthetic or mosaic

  • The different stages of building a spa

Step by step you will become familiar with different elements and techniques of the world of the spa in order to be able to elaborate the project which will correspond at best to your expectations. Such as the choice of the location of the spa and the technical room, the earthwork, the construction of the air circuit, the construction of the slab, etc. Go to the "different steps in order of building your jacuzzi" section.

  • Do you like to tinker and do things yourself?

Here you will find information on how to build a self-build spa for a more reasonable budget. You will find all the information to build your bubbling bath in the section "practical information".

  • From construction to maintenance and safety of your spa

All our tips on the maintenance and safety of your spa, in our section "maintenance and safety".

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